Gumby Gumby with Eucalyptus Blue Mallee Essential Oil - Out pure olive oil soap is a mild and moisturizing soap for the most sensitive of skin.  Our own unique recipe and traditional method of making soap produces a hard bar with a creamy lather that is superb on your skin.  This soap combines traditions: the European tradition of using olive oil soap with the Australian Aboriginal of Gumby Gumby. The leaves are individually hand-picked, carefully dried and prepared according to traditional methods to ensure the longevity of the tree.  The use of Gumby Gumby has been recorded by the Aboriginal communities in their sacred rock paintings.  The Aboriginal community have long believed Gumby Gumby can help the relief of eczema.  Eucalyptus blue mallee essential oil is added for its known mild antiseptic properties.

Handmade Pure Olive Oil Soap - Gumby

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