Ingredients Corn 8 ears of corn Jalapeno ButterOlive Oil (recipe follows) Salt & pepper, to taste 1 cup cotija cheese, shredded

Jalapeño Butter Olive Oil 1/2 cup Butter Olive Oil Salt and pepper 2 jalapeños finely chopped 2 teaspoons of Lime juice

Directions Soak the corn in ice water for about an hour. Remove the husk from top to bottom making sure the harder husk is left attached at the bottom of the corn. Remove all the hair. Braid the husk and tie at the end. Combine all the ingredients in the Jalapeño Butter Olive Oil. Coat lightly with someJalapeño Butter Olive Oil, salt, and pepper, and grill lightly. Remove from the grill and coat with moreJalapeño Butter Olive Oil. Finish with the cotija cheese.

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